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Chapter 6-19 Elf Tails

  • Harry, Hermione and Ginny are in the hospital wing with Ron. Fred and George also arrived, they tell they were thinking of buying Zonko's. Ron is not consious, but Madam Pomfrey reckons he'll be all right. Mr Weasley and Mrs Weasley are in Dumbledore's office, they arrived an hour ago. They speculate more about the poison and Slughorn and for who the poison was meant.
  • Hagrid joins them, saying Aragog is getting worse. Hermione thinks the attacks, with Ron and Katie, have some kind of connection, both should have been fatal and in neither cases the object reached the person it was meant for.
  • Harry, Hermione and Hagrid leave, Hagrid says it will be difficult for Dumbledore to keep the school open with two attacks already, he says it's no wonder Dumbledore is angry with Snape. Hagrid overheard Dumbledore having a heated discussion with Snape. He heard Snape saying Dumbledore takes too much fer granted and maybe he doesn't want to do it any more. Dumbledore said to Snape he had agreed to do it and that was all ther was to it. Also Dumbledore said something about Snape making investigations in his house, in Slytherin*. When Filch comes by Hagrid sends them back.
  • In the common room Cormac is waiting for him, he saw Ron being taken to the hospital wing and he wants the Keeper position. Harry gives it.
  • Harry is obsessed with checking Draco on the Marauder's Map. He could not find anything wrong, except for some inexplicable times when Malfoy vanished from the map.
  • Both Cormac McLaggan and Lavender Brown keep nagging Harry. Cormac about Quidditch, pushing his ideas and thought as if he is Captain himself, and Lavender about Ron which she claims is always sleeping when she goes to seem him. Harry knows he is not.
  • On his way over to the Quidditch match against Hufflepuff, he sees Draco, accompanied by two girls just leaving. Harry is not sure if he should follow Draco or go play the match. He goes to the play and meets McLaggen, Coote, Peakes, Robins, Ginny and Dean. Now that Zacharias Smith is playing, Luna is doing the comments. Also playing for Hufflepuff is Cadwallader. McLaggen is an annoyance making Harry distracted with his meddling.
  • Next thing, Harry wakes up in the hospital wing next to Ron's bed. He has a cracked skull, hit by a bludger. Gryffindor lost the game. McLaggen messed up badly and Ron is happy about that at least. Harry tells Ron about Draco leaving just before the game. Harry remembers the other times in the hospital and thinks of something. He calls Kreacher and does a ¤ Muffliato not to be overheard. Kreacher appears with a crack, in a fight with Dobby. Peeves pops in, he was watching the fight. Harry uses a ¤ Langlock to shut Peeves up. Harry orders Kreacher to spy on Draco and Dobby offers to help too.
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* Or should we read "Salazar Slytherin" ;-)


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