Im going to react to the last point you wrote in the last column.

The Forces that are beyond the doors are:

1st Room: The Intelligence, Cleverness, Wit, etc.

<After de darkness of the first room, the lamps hanging low on golden chains from this ceiling gave the impression that this long rectangular room was much brighter, though there were no glittering, shimmering light such as Harry had seen in his dreams. The place was quite empty except for a few desks and, in the very middle of the room, an enormous glass tank of deep-green water, but enough for all of them to swim in, which contained a number of pearly white objects that were drifting around lazily in the liquid.>

2nd Room: The Death

<This room was larger than the last, dimly lit and rectangular, and the center of it was sunken, forming a great stone pit some twenty feet below them. They were standing on the topmost tier of what seamed to be stone benches running all around the room and descending in steep steps like a n amphitheater, ,or the courtrooms in which Harry had been tride by the Wizengamot. Instead of a chained chair, however, there was a raised stone dais in the center of the lowered floor, and upon this dais stood a stone archway that looked so ancient, cracked, and crumbling that Harry was amazed the thing was still standing. Un supported by that and y surrounding wall, the archway was hund with a tattered black curtain or veil which, despite the complete stillness of the cold surrounding air, was fluttering very slightly as though it had just been touched.>

3rd Room: The Love

<The room is locked at all times. It contains a force that is at once more wonderful and more terrible that death, that human intelligence, that forces of nature. It is also, perhaps, the most mysterious of the many subjects for study there.>

4th Room: The Time (The Prophecy Room its part of this Room)

<Clocks gleaming from every surface, large and small, grandfather and carriage, hanging in spaces between the bookcases or standing on desks ranging the length of the room, ,so that a busy, relentless ticking filled the place like thousand s of minuscule, marching footsteps. The source of the dancing, diamond bright light was a towering crystal bell jar that stood at the far end of the room. For the source of the light, the crystal bell jar quite as tall as he was that stood on a desk and appeared to be full of billowing, glittering wind. Drifting along in the sparkling current inside was a tiny, jewel bright egg. As it rose in the jar it cracked open and hummingbird emerged, which was carried to the very top of the jar, but as it feel on the draft, ,its feathers became bedraggled and damp again, and by the time it had been borne back to the bottom of the jar it had been enclosed once more in its egg.>

5th Room: The Universe

<A dark room full of planets, it was a very odd pace, some of the time we were just floating in the dark.>

As you can see, the Department of Mysteries of the Ministry of Magic, has the most ancient mysteries for the humanity. The wizard of the Ministry of Magic, may study it. So...


by Yamil Alexis Solano

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