Reaction to No Plot for Potter

Im not sure youre being very fair on J.K.Rowling though. It is after all her story and theres no way you can possibly say it would be better if this and that had happened if you're not writing it. Granted its your own personal opinion and your website and thats the way stories work i suppose - some people like them and some dont..i think The Lord of the Rings is the greatest story ever to be told but my girlfriend cant stand it for some
unknown reason! hehe - Thinking of dumping her!! lol I see your point about the prophecy and the fact that whats in it changes nothing in the plot so far. Esentially Voldemort wants to rule the world and Kill Harry as is the case in all 4 books before hand.

The Order are guarding it with their lives, true, but i dont think that was the point of it - i think the whole idea of the Prophecy was to explain how everyone fits into the story, its alot deeper than what the prophecies actual wording is and what you have percieved. She has to explain everything somehow and at some point and you have to also remember its mostly a story for children!! It cant get too complicated at that level.

The plot revolving around the prophecy explains why Nevilles parents were tortured, why Harrys parents were killed, why Harrys at the Dursleys every summer, why Dumbledore cares so much for Harry, why Harry and Voldemort are linked, why the first wizarding war started, why Voldemort want to kill Harry in the first place, and most importantly why Voldemort hasnt yet been able to kill Harry, who he knows, as you rightly point out, is "The one with the power to vanquish the Dark Lord". Considering that he is just a boy training to be a wizard he should never be able to stand up to one as powerful as Voldemort. Voldemort was after the prophecy to see the rest of it incase it told him how to Kill Harry or how Harry might kill him or any number of other possibilities.....from Voldemorts point of view it was extremely important and leads on to everything i have mentioned above. From the Orders point of view what it says may not be that important (and this is where you come from and i totally see your point!), BUT from JKRowlings overall tales' point of view what it says is an absolute cornerstone!!! Just the fact that Voldemort only heard the first couple of words has lead to all
the death and tragedy we've seen in the wizarding world so far and the whole reason for this wonderful series of books.

Besides all that - if Voldermort were able to erase or change the prophecy, as you wouldve done in your version, by some kind of magic affecting the past - then what wouldve stoped him using some kind of magic to kill James
and Lily Potter before Harry was born? Changing things from the past is not an option because the story would not exist otherwise....what is the point of changing the prophecy in Book 5 so it says that Voldemort kills Harry??

That would ruin Books 6 and 7 where we still arent sure whether Voldemort will die at Harrys hand or prevail at Harrys expense! Now thats tension - especially if you're a 7 year old!!!! J.K.Rowling did say in an interview here in England with Jeremy Paxman that there are no guarantees that Harry will live to the end (although i secretly believe that to be rubbish - it is afterall a kids story and would upset the whole World!!).


PS - Well done on predicting the Harry - Voldemort connection after Book4 in
your Mind Connections article . That was spot on!

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