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>Spectucular Speculations, Serious insight


>Part 1 : Are Harry and Voldemort related ?


>Here is my guess : Voldemort has no brother (so Dobby's answer is true,
>strictly speaking)... but he had a sister. Voldemort's sister married a
>wizard named Potter. She became the mother of James Potter ! So, if I am
>correct, Voldemort is James' uncle, and Harry's great-uncle.

Lord Voldemort a.k.a. Tom Marvolo Riddle is the last descentdant of Salazar
Slytherin through his mother. That means that no other descendants of
Voldemort's mother exists!There is of course the possibility of a
half-sister with the same father ...

>Another hint : when Harry first reads the name "Riddle" in the diary, he
>thinks he has never heard it before... and yet there is something familiar
>about that name : "as though Riddle was a friend he'd had when he was very
>small". Why ? The expression " when he was very small " must refer to the
>period when he was with his parents. Maybe he has heard about "grandmother
>Riddle" during the first year of his life !

Again - the Riddle name comes from Voldemort's father - any other siblings
born by his mother wouldn't have that name. Possibly his father had other
children born out of marriage, but giving them the Riddle name would only
be possible, I think, if Tom (Voldemort's father) acknowledged being the
father of the child.

>Another hint to support this : Mrs Riddle (Voldemort's mother) hadn't told
>her husband she was a witch when they got married ; then, WHY did she have
>to tell him later, when she was pregnant?

They were not married. Voldemort's mother didn't have the Riddle name. This
is utter nonsense!


>Part 2 : Why did Voldemort want to kill Harry ?


>Let us see. we know Voldemort has killed :
> - his own family (the Riddles),
> - the Potter family (except Harry who survived).

- countless others; especially Muggle, Muggle-born wizards and wizards that
opposed him.

>If Voldemort and James Potter are related (see Part 1 above), all this may
>be the continuation of the same massacre!

Voldemort is the 'Dark Lord' - he is presented as the epitome of evil in
the Harry Potter books, and evil is as evil does, and what evil does is
killing. It is a well-established literary tradition that the evil side
engage in mass-murder. Voldemort kills Muggles and Muggle-born wizards for
pleasure (this is parallel to Hitler's denunciation of everyone who was
short and black-haired ... And Rowling is known to have compared Voldemort
to Hitler on numerous occasions) and he kills his opponents because they
dare oppose him. No other explanations are needed (this does not mean that
other explanations aren't possible).


>My theory is that he has found (or has been taught) a path to immortality,
>something very, very dark indeed, the darkest of the Dark Arts, that
>involves taking the lives of his relatives (including Harry) !

As Harry is a full-blood wizard, Voldemort would at least need some kind of
reason for killing him - especially as we are told that he went
specifically after Harry's family with the intention of killing Harry and
his father. To tie this up with Voldemort's quest for immortality is a nice
idea - it doesn't need the 'Harry being related to Voldemort' complication.


>If you are still unconvinced, consider this sentence carefully :
>"Now give me the Stone, unless you want her (Lily) to have died in vain."
>So Voldemort's sentence means :
>" Give me this stone-of-immortality, and I will not kill you ".

No. What it really means is "give me what I want or I'll kill you" - and
_that_ is Voldemort's philosophy in a nut shell.

<snipping further ramblings>

>Part 3 : What exactly is Voldemort's " path to immortality " ?

<snipping unfounded speculations>

Ooops - there's nothing left!
Speculations are fun - but I, for one, prefer them to have at least some
connection to canon.

>Part 4 : What about the Death-Eaters ?


>Why did Voldemort's followers choose that name "Death-Eaters"?
>What on Earth does it mean?
>Well... the meaning of "Death-Eater" is very close to "Death-Stealer"...
>so I suppose they use that name because they too are intending to become
>immortal, using the same dark magic as their master : Voldemort will be
>the first one, but if he succeeds, his followers will try to follow the
>same path to immortality !

That the Death-Eaters should also pursue immortality - individually or as a
group - is not surprising, and I find it little likely that this should be
the significance of the name (I would honestly find it anti-climactic).


>Part 5 : Are there other descendants of Voldemort's father ?
>This last part is probably the most speculative and uncertain of all !

That says a lot ;)


>So, I think it is at least a possibility that Harry might have a brother
>or sister, who the Potters would have hiden as soon as he or she was born,
>and who would have lived with adoptive parents ever since.

That would not be in line with the character of Harry's parents as it has
been described.

>I know... supposing that Hermione is Harry's sister would be very
>Star-Wars-like. and yet, why not ?

Honestly? Because I would find it revolting!

>Could Hermione be Harry's sister ? Is it even possible ? We know she was
>born in September, and Harry was born in July. It seems logical to suppose
>that Hermione is 10 months older than Harry rather than 2 months younger

Not when they are known (PoA) to have been the same age in June!

So - it is impossible for Harry and Hermione to have the same mother, but
hey! That shouldn't necessarily stop you, should it? James was a nice guy -
maybe he found someone else, who would have his other child (a bit before
he knew that Voldemort was after him, but who cares?) Why not a dozen
siblings to Harry - all to different mothers?

<sarcasm off>


>The Harry-Hermione relation is very different : they seem somehow
>"naturally", almost instinctively close to each other. Quite often, each
>of them seems to be knowing what the other has in mind.

When I read stuff like this, I can't help wondering if the author of it
hasn't had such a friendship as a child. I assure you that this is
perfectly normal for good friends, and that it even exists in boy-girl
friendships with no other implications. This doesn't need any further
explanation. In the event that two siblings meet without knowing that they
are related, their reactions towards each other are different from siblings
who have lived together; such two siblings might quickly develop a deep
friendship, but it is still just a friendship! And remember that Harry
initially found Hermione just as insufferable as everyone else.


>- A minor physical resemblance : they are both unable to comb their hair.

Didn't you read chapter 23 'The Yule Ball' in Goblet of Fire?
Hermione is perfectly able to comb her hair - she just doesn't bother normally.

>- At the beginning of book 1, before Harry and Hermione become friends,
>before they even really know each other, Hermione's behaviour is a bit
>excessive : she keeps interfering in Harry's affairs, much more than in
>anyone else's affairs (even Ron's):

Harry is celebrity. Already in the train in PS she says "I know all about
you, of course ..." - How do you think Daniel Radcliffe is being treated by
the class busybody when he gets back to school? Try to learn a bit about
your subject before making assumptions!

The rest of this is - as the author admits - more than highly speculative.

I am sorry, but I don't have much patience with people who try to make
their facts fit their fancies! I had better stop now, before I get unpleasant.

<big snip>

Let's see ...

Voldemort's desire to kill Harry linked to his pursuit of immortality.

Made me think of the possibility of any live descendants of Voldemort's
father (though I can't see what good this'd do, nor do I see why they
didn't stop forth as heirs when the Riddle family was killed).

Troels Forchhammer

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