By Judy Nathanson
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The Sorcerer’s (Philosopher’s) Stone

The life he knew before is now a summer’s diary page
A doleful chapter written during pauses from life’s stage
The real arena being where the boy was meant to be
The school where those with magic learn the art of wizardry

His parents took this path before him, now they’re dead and gone
Their attacker tried to kill him too, but he lives on
For murderous Lord Voldemort, a shell with a horrid face
Harry’s scar alone reveals the drama that took place

Raised by relatives who hated him, now born anew
Because he’s come of age to do what he was born to do
And so with Hagrid as his guide, he entered this new realm
A place where wands choose wizards and a spell can overwhelm

The sorting hat had placed him, but it was his heart that chose
And here he can enjoy the only "family" life he knows
With two friends who would help him be the best that he could be
And share in what would be, for him, his life-long destiny

Here students get their mail from owls that soar around the room
Harry hones an inborn skill in a sport on a flying broom
Dons an invisibility cloak his father owned before
A legacy returned to him by Albus Dumbledore

An enemy from Harry’s parents’ past now teaches here
And so his path is laden with a mix of dread and fear
But Harry’s greatest enemy, of his true purpose, lied
A meek veneer and turban mask the devil that’s inside

Hidden behind chambers guarded by enchantments rare
A stone that yields a draught of life, but evil lurks down there
Feeling it is up to him to save the precious stone
Harry and his two best friends brave obstacles alone

Facing a three-headed dog and dangers, most would fail
All emerged, though tested to the limit, worn and pale
Harry faced his parent’s killer, and killed his servant, Quirrell
And won, for skill and bravery, House Cup for Gryffindor

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