By Judy Nathanson
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The Chamber of Secrets

The wizard is not welcome here where muggle family dwell
A fact made clear to one who knows this sad truth all too well
His birthday is not mentioned; in his room he’s sent instead
And matters are made worse by what he finds upon his bed

An elf who threatens havoc if he leaves this horrid place
Warns of certain death with doleful moans and tear-stained face
At school Harry is most at home, with friends that he holds dear
How can any danger there be worse than life is here?

And now the plaintive cries alert his uncle and his aunt
He begs the elf to quiet down, but Dobby simply can’t
And so the evening’s ruined and his room is sealed and barred
But friends have come to rescue him inside a flying car

They take him to their home with magic people like himself
And for a blissful while Harry forgets about the elf
When Dobby makes them miss the train to school, again they fly
And though a tree has wrecked the car, they get there by and by

On warnings of the dangers, Harry is not ill-advised
As odd things start to happen just as soon as he arrives
Something evil petrifies and curses those within
And Harry finds himself accused of nearly everything

Someone opened up a chamber where dark secrets lie
Harry’s mentor, Hagrid, was accused in years gone by
Now his enemies and even some friends feel it’s him
Harry could not, could he, be the heir of Slytherin?

A girl so young and meek was made to cause the evil there
She stumbled on a diary kept by the evil heir
It made her do these horrid things; it tormented her soul
She trusted it and it became a weapon of control

It took her to a place where she was left to simply die
How could she be rescued? Harry knew he had to try
He went into the chamber where he faced the evil heir
And to his horror he could see poor Ginny lying there

Long ago a girl was killed by what, below here, lies
Poised to kill again; be warned and don’t look in his eyes!
Wounded, Harry’s loyalty is lovingly repaid
A phoenix brings the sword of Gryffindor to Harry’s aid

And he will rescue Ginny and absolve from any blame
Not just himself, but also he will clear good Hagrid’s name
And prove, as he has done before, and as he’ll always do
That he was born of, and he is, a hero through and through!

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