By Judy Nathanson
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The Prisoner of Azkaban

The past has hidden secrets that are soon to be revealed
Of blame misplaced and horrors faced that can’t remain concealed
While Harry’s heart is pounding, for he broke a wizard’s rule
For students are forbidden to do magic out of school

Cursing one cruel aunt may bring a punishment most feared
But could he be impassive while his parents’ name is smeared?
Thus family life, for Harry, gets more difficult each year
And he escapes, for now, into uncertainty and fear

The image of a gaunt black hound gives him a piercing stare
As Harry boards a transport that has come from who knows where
The Minister of Magic greets the youth, and that seems strange
For reasons yet unknown to him, safe shelter is arranged

Until the school year starts anew he’ll find some respite here
But soon he’ll learn why all the magic world is filled with fear
For someone marked as dangerous escaped a prison grim
And Harry learns this man is very likely seeking him!

More rumors of the prisoner’s past reach Harry’s ears one night
For people say that man was Harry’s godfather by right
His godfather, the reason both his parents now are dead?
This man his parents trusted had betrayed them both instead?

Around the school grounds prison’s guards keep watch, and truth be told
They are creatures totally inhuman, harsh and cold
Though others feel uneasy, Harry faints when they get close
Later he would learn it is because he’s suffered most

Meanwhile, there’s a teacher here who takes him under wing
And seems to help him understand and cope with everything
Harry learns to deal with fear and those who harm and kill
But this great mentor faces danger too, for he is ill

Now mysteries unravel and some truths have some to light
His mentor, when a child, was wounded by a werewolf’s bite
And he became a werewolf too, forced, at full moon, to hide
Three friends turned to animagi to be at his side

They penned a map of secret routes around school corridors
Showing every movement of the people on all floors
And Harry’s came to own this map, and with his friends this night
They will try to help another victim in his plight

A hypogriff in Hagrid’s care had struck out when insulted
Barely wounding that cruel boy, a death sentence resulted
No fair trial for Buckbeak, for the Ministry is swayed
By the father of the boy who planned the whole charade

Harry learns his godfather was framed, though innocent
The animagi who betrayed his parents, his friends pet!
The "rat" had killed more people, then into the gutters fled
Leaving Sirius Black to take the blame for this instead

The only way to save him and the Hypogriff, now dead
Would be to turn back time and help them both escape instead
Though he must hide, through letters they will always keep in touch
And Harry knows out there is "kin" who loves him very much

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