By Judy Nathanson
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The Goblet of Fire

When challenges arise that test the limits of our skill
We call upon the best among our own
Relying on their courage, strength of body, mind and will
To face each of these challenges alone

But heroes are far more than all the skills inborn and learned
Their character is always brought to bear
Thus each and every victory they win is more than earned
And what they gain, but half of what they share

And so it was with Harry who unwittingly was thrust
Upon a stage where older players play
Forced to face the doubts of friends, doing what he must
To prove himself despite what others say

And he would learn that hidden underneath the dangers known
Were plots of evil yet to be unveiled
All the preparation, diligence and effort shown
Could not help save poor Cedric when assailed

Chemical disguises masked one’s true identity
Certain now that Harry can’t be saved
How could he prepare to fight the foe he could not see
Just a portkey’s journey from a grave?

Harry’s parent’s killer once again stands in his path
Poised to drink his blood to be restored
Harry cowers not, but stands to face the villain’s wrath
His wand held out much like King Arthur’s sword

Wands containing feathers from one Phoenix now collide
Brother wands will lock when aimed to kill
Out of Riddle’s wand his victims come to Harry’s side
To boost his courage and his strength of will

And so Harry emerges, holding Cedric’s body near
For mourning parents and an anxious throng
Grateful he has won the prize, yet filled with grief and fear
Where has Harry been and what went wrong?

Weak and ill, Harry tells what most are shocked to learn
Of death-eaters who heeded Riddle’s call;
Of being bled to feed him so that he can now return;
Of watching, helplessly, poor Cedric fall

The duel and the locking wands, the aid of those who died
How Voldemort could touch him now at will
The horror of it all made Harry feel quite sick inside
For now the world faced greater danger still

The clear, concise description of what just had taken place
The Head of Ministry dismissed, ignored
With ever mounting danger staring humans in the face
This attitude the world could ill afford

To Voldemort’s advantage, now divided are his foes
Because one head is buried in the sand
Can Dumbledore convince the wizard world of what he knows
United, good may triumph yet again!

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