By Judy Nathanson
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Chance produces some of life's great rarities
When each part is special on its own
Noted differences and similarities
Can forge a bond as strong as any known

Fate has brought three minds and hearts together
Poised to meet life's challenges as one
And this is good, for there are storms to weather
For Harry, Hermione and Ron

One child raised with magic all around him
One without a clue from whence he came
The other bloomed uniquely from kith and kin
And yet their basic outlook is the same

Meld each individual's uniqueness
Make courage, wit and cleverness one gem
And each ones' strength will overcome each weakness
Bringing out the best in all of them

Growth is not a simple, painless birthright
It's something only hard work can afford
From each other, each will gain some insight
Though the lessons may bring some discord

Hardships, triumphs, tears and pain and laughter
Linked like blood ties link sister and brother
May they each emerge now and hereafter
Enriched by all they've given to each other

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