By Judy Nathanson
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Something greater than his size
Sets this man apart;
For though he bears his mother's frame,
He has his father's heart

A heart he wears upon his sleeve
More often than is wise
When sentiment and child-like trust
May contradict his size

Innocent of faults for which
Those built like him are blamed;
And so he sees no evil in
Large creatures yet untamed

Expelled for someone else's crime,
Orphaned the year before,
He remained at school to work
For kindly Dumbledore

And to this mentor, loyalty
Is given, and is treasured
And what he's meant to Harry
Cannot be described or measured

Although he may say far too much
When prudence would be wise,
He would not know how to deceive;
His soul wears no disguise

What he says and what he does
Is purely who he is
And if a thought comes from the heart
You can be sure it's his

And so, although there may be times
When life seems harsh and grim,
How grand the world would be if all
Had just one friend like him!

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