By Judy Nathanson
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She did not come from magic, yet to magic she has come
And gives to it much more than most will take
A sign revealed by flying quills and many a well-read tome
And spells the lesser skilled could never break

Though seeming somewhat bossy when her school life had begun
This had come through energy and daring
Mellowed by the friendships she had quickly earned and won
From genuine straight-forwardness and caring

Determination matched by common sense and perseverance
No task is too large to undertake
An uncompromising nature that accepts no interference
To commitments and decisions she will make

So strong that males among her peers forgot she was a 'she'
A pal; a buddy; just one of the 'guys'
But sentimental tears revealed a side they did not see
And loyalty too strong to be disguised

And so she takes on all this magic world could ever give
And adds to it the causes she will find
Prepared to stop at nothing while the dreams of others live
Using every ounce of heart and mind

And so she proves that witches are not simply born, but made
That skill and effort shape what you can be
And anyone who gives all they can give to make the grade
Can be inspired by Hermione

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