By Judy Nathanson
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The castle lies beyond the eyes of all non-magic souls
High upon a hill beside a lake
Describing it would take a million quills and parchment scrolls
A monumental task to undertake!

And yet I look upon its towers, poised to meet the sky,
Warmed by fireplaces burning bright
And inspiration fills my heart and urges me to try
To capture it with humble words I write

Like the homes of royalty, its grandeur gives it pride
But it was not erected to house kings
Here, witchcraft and wizardry are taught, and learned, and plied
Here its occupants do magic things!

Its houses, named for founders whose diversity was known
Focus on the skills they would behold
Here the past and present meet, equally at home
Full of wondrous tales that must be told

The evening sky is imitated in the great hall dome
Candles float in air above the throng
A hat is placed upon the head of all when first they come
To sort them in the ‘house’ where they belong

Portraits speak and leave their frames; spirits roam the halls
As they’ve done in centuries gone by
Stairways shift and change from place to place along the walls
And overhead, owls bearing letters fly

Objects’ shapes and features are transformed before your eyes
Cauldrons brew near brightly colored flasks
And echoing from classrooms, incantations memorized
As wands are waved, and spells and charms are cast

Outside there’s a sports ‘arena’ high above the grounds
For a magic athletes’ air-borne game
And beyond its borders lies a forest, out of bounds
Where enchanted creatures live untamed

A fortress standing up against Dark Magic’s evil glare
Its walls like armored shields repelling foes
Truth be told, no human could be safer anywhere
As one, above all others, truly knows

A legend comes to study here, and rightly he should start
For he has much in common with this place
A history, strong character, courage, wisdom, heart
Deep inside, and written on his face

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