By Judy Nathanson
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He is comfortable with vanity
For it is just his size
Delusions of grandeur, they crown his smile
His brand of 'fake humanity'
Can validate the lies
And people will believe them for awhile

How easily can one employ
The means to 'steal the show'
To one so simple-minded, it seems right
He looks so grand, this Gilderoy
To fans who see him 'glow'
Reflected in other people's light

He slays a paper dragon
Oh, how fearless man can be
Against the battles others fought to win
Borrowed dreams to brag on
He has bought their fame for free
And how false colors seemed to flatter him!

Until the skills he did not own
Were called to save the day
As peril that was promised finally came
Now his memory has flown
The mask is stripped away
And he has no one but himself to blame

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