By Judy Nathanson
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The most worthy of us must suffer the most
So some unwritten laws foretell
For an innocent child named Remus would learn
The truth of that maxim well

It changes your life, the werewolf bite
Altering dreams too soon
It makes you afraid of what you'll become
In the light of the cruel moon

But when what you are is exceptionally good
At the times when you need not hide
You earn special friends who would sacrifice all
To spend your dark days at your side

And a mentor who gives safe shelter to you
And gives you the chance to teach
How well he knew, as his students now do
How far your great mind would reach

You touched all their lives; you taught them so much
How sad that you had to go
Come back to them soon between the full moon
Give them more of what they need to know

Despite your cruel fate you are what you've been
From birth, great wizard, great man
You have made a difference; there will never be
Anyone quite like you again
Come back to us Remus Lupin

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