By Judy Nathanson
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Minerva, Minerva, I find in your name
The wisdom of ages reflected
A vivid persona of one who became
A mentor so highly respected

I see you before me, in front of your class
Their eyes filled with anticipation
For all of the magical skill they'll amass
As you demonstrate Transfiguration

They knew you expected the best from each one
And they knew you meant what you said
They knew that no special favors would come
To those in the House that you head

For fairness, a hallmark of yours that's well-known
By all you have taught through the years
Is one of the traits that students count on
And what brings respect from your peers

As a cat you will wander where mystery calls
Fulfilling one more destiny
As deputy head of these hallowed stone halls,
You'll help wizards be all they can be

Some will have seen your gentler side
A side that showed sorrow and mirth
Such humanity, even pure genius can't hide
Nor can it measure the worth
Of the greatest teacher on earth

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