By Judy Nathanson
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Experiences shape and mold and make us who we are
Affecting skills and sensitivities
How true it was for you, and yet you've come so very far
Considering your family tragedies

How can you watch your parents look upon you unaware
The young man in their presence is their son?
How stoically you've taken all the harassment you bear
As you face every challenge one by one

Your self-esteem may suffer from the skills in life you lack
But do not judge yourself by them alone
Think about your courage and the pride will soon come back
The pride your family name may call its own

Let your prowess in Herbology become a metaphor
To ease all of the heartaches and the strife
Sow the seeds of friendship you have earned from Gryffindor
And reap the joy of a well-earned happy life!

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