By Judy Nathanson
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Airborne acrobatics are the hallmarks of the game
It's every art and sport rolled into one
For all the thrills it offers, it makes other sports seem lame
Quidditch is a game second to none

Every kind of skill is called upon the ones who play
The strategy, the strength, the nerve, the pace
The best of witch and wizard in an aerial ballet
That seems to transcend even time and space

The game could last a fortnight or be done before you know
Goals are blocked and scored in a fever pitch
And just as inner senses are about to overflow
The Seeker sees the bright, elusive snitch

Like a golden hummingbird, its wings beat very fast
It seems to hover, reach for it and....zoom!
It's out of sight; a Beater sends a bludger whizzing past
That nearly knocks the Seeker off his broom!

The Chaser tries to score again, the Keeper blocks the goal
Spectators gasp; each moment seen is treasured
The game demands that players give to it their heart and soul
And what the game gives back cannot be measured

Fifty feet above the ground, this drama is played out
And win or lose, this fact remains the same
The skills it takes, the beauty of it is, without a doubt,
What makes Quidditch clearly the greatest game!

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