By Judy Nathanson
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Do you feel lost in the background;
One of seven, nothing more?
Are you tired of hand-me-downs,
Shared attention, being poor?

Some of everything you envy
You have had right from the start
No one could be richer than he
Who shows loyalty and heart

Do you know you were the first friend
Harry ever called his own?
Bonds this strong are never broken
You stand out for that alone!

To save lives, you've been a fighter
Bravery can open doors
If your friend's spotlight seems brighter
It's because it blends with yours

Each has different strengths to share
Harry, you, Hermione
Three great forces came to bear
Look what you have done, you three?

Faded robes with broken stitches
Will still cover you with pride
If you want to see true riches
You need only look inside!

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