By Judy Nathanson
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What happened to the years, he asked
The ones I lost for us?
If I could only give them back again
I put aside some memories
They haunt my conscience so
They fill my sinking soul with too much pain

I still recall the way they laughed
The joys of youthful days
The bonds of friendship none but fools could break
Then I had trusted someone
I'd asked them both to trust
There is no way to measure this mistake

I thought I was so clever then
The strategy seemed right
But looking back, alas, how clear hindsight
Imprisoned for another's crime
And starved for life and love
Now free in all but name, I'll make it right

The past is gone but presently
The son they left behind
Embodies them, inside of him they live
Replacing some of what he's lost
And much of all I owe
I pledge my life and all that I can give

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