By Judy Nathanson
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What colors are you wearing
On the inside, buried deep?
How well are your dreams fairing
When you settle down to sleep?

Which side of nature's fences
Are you sitting on these days?
Are you making recompenses
For your early, darker days?

Do you still abhor the magic
That is not of "wizard born"
Do you find it good or tragic
Bearing manners full of scorn?

Will you feel the wrath acutely
From the one you served before?
Are you standing resolutely
On the side of Dumbledore?

Does the loathing you still carry
For past adversaries known
Carry over still to Harry
And the friends he calls his own?

Or, is harshness how you mentor?
And was Albus right to trust?
Would a more forgiving nature
Win some peace for Severus?

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